Invacare 9000 SL 18″ – TOP 10 Best Sellers Wheelchairs list!

The Invacare 9000 SL Durable Lightweight Wheelchair redefines mobility with its sleek carbon steel frame, resilient nylon upholstery, and customizable dual-axle design, allowing seat-to-floor height adjustments from 17.5 to 19.5 inches. Offering a perfect fusion of contemporary design and unwavering strength.

In this review, I am going to share the key features of the Invacare – 9000 SL Durable Light Weight Wheelchair. This chair is a member of our TOP 10 Best Sellers Wheelchair List!

The Invacare 9000 SL Durable Lightweight Wheelchair redefines mobility with its sleek carbon steel frame, resilient nylon upholstery, and customizable dual-axle design, allowing seat-to-floor height adjustments from 17.5 to 19.5 inches. Offering a perfect fusion of contemporary design and unwavering strength, this wheelchair boasts full-length padded armrests for added comfort and support during transfers, all while accommodating a weight capacity of 250 lbs. Its durability, adaptability, and attention to user comfort make it a standout choice for those seeking a mobility aid that seamlessly combines style and substance. Stay tuned to learn more about its main features and what makes this wheelchair a TOP 10 Best Sellers Wheelchair recommendation.



Designed for You

The Invacare 9000 SL Durable Lightweight Wheelchair sets a high standard for comfort with its space-saving, full-length padded armrests. These armrests not only cradle your arms in plush cushioning but also serve as invaluable aids during transfers. Whether you’re sitting down or getting up, they provide a secure leverage point, making movements smoother and more comfortable. It’s this thoughtful attention to detail that elevates the overall comfort of the wheelchair, ensuring that users can navigate their daily activities with ease and minimal strain.

The wheelchair’s nylon upholstery, fortified with heavy-duty inner liners, is a testament to its commitment to long-lasting comfort. This robust upholstery not only ensures that the seat and back maintain their supportive structure over time but also resists stretching and wear. So, whether you’re using the chair for a brief period or extended hours, you can count on consistent comfort and durability, knowing that the materials are built to withstand the test of time.

One of the key factors in personal comfort is having a seating position that suits your unique needs. The Invacare 9000 SL excels in this aspect with its dual-axle design, enabling effortless adjustment of the seat-to-floor height. This customization option allows individuals to find their ideal ergonomic position, ensuring that they remain comfortable and well-supported while seated. Whether you prefer a higher vantage point or a lower, closer-to-the-ground experience, this chair can be tailored to your preferences, adding a layer of personalized comfort to your daily life.

The wheelchair’s spacious seat dimensions, measuring 18 inches in width and 16 inches in depth, offer users ample room to find a comfortable and secure seating position. This generous seat size accommodates a wide range of body types, ensuring that users can sit comfortably without feeling cramped or restricted. Whether you’re using the chair for short outings or extended periods, the well-proportioned seat enhances overall comfort, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a wheelchair that prioritizes user well-being during daily use.


Ease of use


The Invacare 9000 SL wheelchair simplifies the user experience with its innovative dual-axle system. This feature allows effortless customization of the seat-to-floor height, ensuring adaptability to various environments and individual preferences. Whether you’re navigating through tight spaces or need a specific height for comfort, the chair’s flexibility makes adjustments a breeze, enhancing overall ease of use.

Practicality meets comfort in the design of this wheelchair’s full-length padded armrests. Not only do these armrests cradle your arms in cushioned support, but they also play a pivotal role in facilitating smooth transfers. Acting as convenient leverage points when standing or sitting, these armrests make daily mobility tasks feel effortless, adding a layer of convenience and user-friendliness to the chair.

Invacare Corporation, a wheelchair company, was founded by Aaron Mixon III in 1979 in Elyria, Ohio, USA.

Invacare Corporation

The wheelchair’s adaptability is further emphasized by the option to purchase front riggings like leg rests and footrests separately. This modular approach ensures that users can effortlessly tailor the chair to their specific requirements. Whether you need additional leg support or prefer custom front riggings, the ability to customize the chair to your liking underscores its user-centric design and ease of use.

Constructed with a carbon steel frame, the Invacare 9000 SL achieves a harmonious balance between strength and weight. This thoughtful design choice ensures that the wheelchair remains maneuverable and user-friendly, especially when you’re on the move. The lightweight build makes it easier to navigate through various terrains and environments without sacrificing the chair’s structural integrity, making it an ideal choice for those seeking both mobility and ease of use.


Durability and Quality

The Perfect Combo

The Invacare 9000 SL wheelchair sets a new standard for ease of use with its innovative dual-axle system, allowing users to effortlessly fine-tune the seat-to-floor height. This adaptability simplifies the transition between different environments and seamlessly caters to individual preferences. Whether you’re maneuvering through tight spaces or requiring a specific height for maximum comfort, this feature enhances overall convenience, making it the go-to choice for individuals seeking versatility in their mobility aids.

The wheelchair’s design strikes a harmonious balance between practicality and comfort, epitomized by its full-length padded armrests. These armrests offer not only a plush cushion for your arms but also serve as indispensable aids during transfers. Whether you’re transitioning from a seated to a standing position or vice versa, they act as effortless leverage points, simplifying daily mobility tasks. These armrests are a testament to the chair’s emphasis on convenience and ease of use.

Invacare: Your Path to Freedom and Independence

The Invacare 9000 SL’s dedication to user-centric design shines through in its versatile front rigging options. By allowing users to individually purchase front riggings like leg rests and footrests, it streamlines the customization process. This modular approach ensures that the chair effortlessly aligns with specific user requirements. Whether you require additional leg support or prefer personalized front riggings, this feature underscores the chair’s adaptability and user-friendliness, making it a top choice for those seeking a mobility solution that aligns with their unique needs.


Weight Capacity250 lbs.
Product Weight33 lbs.
Seat Width16″ – 20″
Seat Depth16″, 18″
Seat-to-Floor Height17.5″ – 19.5″
Overall Width23.5″ – 27.5″
Overall Length30.5″
Overall Height37.5″
Folded Width11.5″ – 12″
Front Wheel Size6″, 8″
Rear Wheel Size24″
Axle TypeFixed
ArmrestFull Length, Desk Length
Back Height15″ – 19″
Upholstery TypeNylon, Vinyl
Upholstery ColorBlack
FootrestsSwingaway, Elevating
Warranty on FrameLifetime Limited
Warranty on Wearable PartsOne Year Limited
Shipping Weight43 lbs.
Box Length32″
Box Width13″
Box Height37″
Weight33 lbs.
Overall WidthAdd 7″ to seat width (25″ for the 18″ seat)
UpholsteryBlack nylon or black vinyl
Medicare HCPCS CodeK0004
WarrantyLifetime warranty on frame



A Final Word

The Invacare 9000 SL wheelchair embodies a harmonious blend of comfort, convenience, durability, and user-friendliness, making it a standout choice in the realm of mobility aids. Its innovative dual-axle system allows for effortless seat height adjustments, adapting seamlessly to varying environments and individual preferences. The space-saving full-length padded armrests not only provide unparalleled comfort but also serve as valuable aids during transfers. The chair’s commitment to versatility is further demonstrated by its modular front rigging options, simplifying personalization to meet specific user needs. All of this is packaged within a lightweight yet robust carbon steel frame, ensuring both maneuverability and structural integrity. For individuals seeking a mobility solution that enhances their daily lives through thoughtful design and ease of use, the Invacare 9000 SL wheelchair stands as an exceptional choice.

  • Adjustable Seat Height
  • Comfortable Armrests
  • Versatile Front Riggings
  • Durable Construction
  • Lightweight Design
  • Generous Seat Dimensions
  • Front Riggings Sold Separately
  • Weight Limit
9.3Expert Score

This wheelchair offers superior comfort, adaptability, and user-friendliness. Its adjustable seat height, space-saving armrests, and versatile front riggings simplify daily mobility tasks, while the lightweight yet durable design ensures easy maneuverability. A top choice for those seeking a user-centric mobility solution.

Ease of use

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Invacare 9000 SL 18″ – TOP 10 Best Sellers Wheelchairs list!
Invacare 9000 SL 18″ – TOP 10 Best Sellers Wheelchairs list!
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  1. Delivered as promised, on time. Good quality chair.

  2. the wheel chair is great thanks

  3. Reply
    Robert D. Smith, Great Falls, MT September 18, 2023 at 11:34 pm

    Invacare 9000 SL Wheelchair 16 inch flip back arms is an excellent chair. Needed 16 inch to navigate through house and could not find one at local stores. Wheelchair is well-made and the price is good.

  4. Very pleased with this chair. It is very light weight. It went to Australia and New Zealand and was wonderful on the cruise ship. I used on all shore excursions.

  5. Just what I was looking for.

  6. 98 yr old Dad loves it. It fits him, it works, brakes are great. Only modification – we got 6″ brake handle extenders that make braking so much easier for his 98 yr old hands.

  7. I bought for my 89 yr old mother. It is difficult for her to push herself on carpet but on smooth floors there is no issue. She is small and needed the adjustable arm chair.

  8. Many years ago we used this collapsible wheel chair for Grandmother. It was a solid product. Somehow in the intervening years we lost the chair. Now, years later, we find ourselves in need of a chair – this was our choice.

    The current model is exceptionally well made and requires no assembly (except attaching the foot rests which simply snap in),

    If you need a well made chair that is sturdy and collapsible this is the one for you. Caution – this chair is not for the obese.

  9. This wheelchair was exactly what we ordered to replace a previous one that cost about twice as much (same model). It was delivered immediately and in great condition. The previous wheelchair held up well with some adjustments needed over time to tighten the screws. The armrests do need to be replaced every year or so if used daily. We ordered another one so we could have one for travel. It is lightweight and folds easily. My mom loves the comfort and ease of this wheelchair. The height is adjustable to fit different people. She definitely recommends this brand and model of wheelchair.

  10. I love this chair. It is lightweight compared to most, i was happy it DIDNT come with foot rests. I had a foot sling made. very easy to maneuver with or without the arm rests in place. Just need to upgrade the tires for my liking 🙂

  11. I’ve owned 1 Invacare wheelchairs in 30 years. My first one last most of that time. It took the camp fire to do that wheelchair in.
    I recently bought my 2nd chair and I’m impressed with the way it looks and rides. When I looking for this chair I assume by the pictures it came with leg rest. I was disappointed to open the box and couldn’t find foot rest. I went back to my order and at the very end of the chair’s description it say without foot rest.

  12. We received this chair through Amazon in lightening speed using the Amazon app. The chair, a small but sturdy mobile unit from Invacre, will be perfect for our needs to transport a patient with advance stages of leukemia to and from treatment center.

  13. Bought for my mother. She was very pleased.

  14. I actually was able to lift and place in my Nisson sedan trunk today!

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