Drive Medical Rebel – TOP 10 Best Sellers Wheelchairs list!

This ultralight folding Drive Medical RTLREB18DDA-SF Rebel wheelchair prioritizes maneuverability, boasting a sleek design for easy navigation in tight indoor spaces. Customizable comfort is a standout feature, with cushioned armrests and adjustable swing-away footrests.

In this review, we will delve into the Drive Medical RTLREB18DDA-SF Rebel Lightweight Wheelchair with Swing-Away Footres in vibrant red. This chair is a member of our TOP 10 Best Sellers Wheelchair List!

This ultralight folding Drive Medical RTLREB18DDA-SF Rebel wheelchair prioritizes maneuverability, boasting a sleek design for easy navigation in tight indoor spaces. Customizable comfort is a standout feature, with cushioned armrests and adjustable swing-away footrests. What sets it apart is its tool-free removable front casters and folding chair and backrest, ensuring effortless transportation and storage. Built to last, the sturdy steel frame provides stability and supports up to 300 pounds, while the 19-inch padded nylon seat offers comfort and easy cleaning. With quick-release rear wheels and an easy-to-fold frame, this wheelchair excels in transport convenience. The Rebel wheelchair combines versatility, durability, and comfort, making it an ideal choice for individuals seeking reliable mobility assistance. Stay tuned to learn more about its main features and what makes this wheelchair a TOP 10 Best Sellers Wheelchair recommendation.



Designed for you

The Drive Medical Rebel chair’s seating is a standout feature, designed with user comfort in mind. What makes it truly impressive is its ability to adapt to individual preferences. The cushioned armrests and swing-away footrests can be easily adjusted, allowing each person to craft a seating experience that suits them perfectly. This thoughtful design ensures that no matter who uses it, the chair delivers a tailored and incredibly comfortable experience, enhancing overall satisfaction during use.

The chair’s seat is a testament to both comfort and practicality. Measuring 19 inches, it provides enduring comfort that you can count on. What’s more, it’s a breeze to maintain. The padded nylon material not only cushions your seating experience but also simplifies cleaning. This means you can enjoy a consistently clean and hygienic seating area, which is especially crucial for daily use. It’s a feature that adds to the overall convenience and appeal of the chair.

When it comes to comfort, this chair has it covered. Its design is purposefully engineered to offer support where you need it most. With a 17-inch back height and an accommodating structure suitable for various body types, it prioritizes ergonomic support. This ensures that as you sit, you can do so comfortably, knowing that the chair is there to provide the necessary support for a pain-free experience. It’s a design element that truly sets this chair apart.

What’s a comfortable chair without a smooth ride? This chair not only excels in comfort but also in maneuverability. Its lightweight and nimble design makes it a pleasure to use, whether you’re indoors or outdoors. Tight spaces are no challenge for this chair, as it effortlessly glides through them, ensuring a ride that’s not just easy but also genuinely enjoyable. It’s a feature that adds a touch of convenience and joy to your mobility.


Ease of Use


This Drive Medical Rebel wheelchair stands out when it comes to ease of use, thanks to its tool-free adjustments. You won’t need any special tools to remove the front casters or fold the chair and backrest. It’s a simple and hassle-free process that not only streamlines transportation but also simplifies storage. This thoughtful design ensures that users can effortlessly handle these adjustments, making it a user-friendly experience.

One of the standout features that enhance the chair’s ease of use is the quick-release rear wheels. These wheels are designed for swift disassembly, making it incredibly easy to transport the chair in vehicles or store it away. Whether you’re a caregiver or a user, this feature ensures that you can handle the chair with ease, eliminating potential difficulties and saving valuable time.


Drive Medical

Maneuverability is key to user-friendly mobility aids, and this chair excels in this regard. Its sleek design and lightweight construction provide superior maneuverability, even in the most confined indoor spaces or crowded environments. Navigating through tight corners or busy areas becomes a breeze, ensuring that users can move around comfortably and with confidence.

Assembly and disassembly are often crucial factors in the usability of mobility aids, and this chair doesn’t disappoint. Its user-friendly assembly and disassembly process make it accessible for users and caregivers alike. This feature eliminates potential barriers to its use, ensuring that anyone can handle the chair with ease. It’s a thoughtful addition that enhances the overall convenience of the chair.


Durability and Quality

The Perfect Combo

When it comes to durability and quality, this Drive Medical Rebel wheelchair is a dependable choice. Its sturdy steel frame is a testament to its robust construction, ensuring long-lasting reliability. Users can trust in the chair’s stability, knowing that it’s built to withstand the test of time. This feature not only guarantees longevity but also underscores the overall quality of the chair.

The chair’s impressive weight capacity of up to 300 pounds speaks volumes about its durability and strength. It’s a clear indication of its robust construction, demonstrating its ability to support a wide range of users comfortably and securely. Whether you’re a caregiver or a user, this feature provides peace of mind, emphasizing the chair’s quality and durability.

Medline: Innovating Care, Enhancing Lives

The chair’s choice of materials further emphasizes its commitment to durability and quality. From the padded nylon seat to the cushioned armrests, it features top-notch materials that not only contribute to comfort but also ensure longevity. This means that users can expect a chair that stands up to daily use while maintaining its high-quality feel.

Maintaining a mobility aid is made simple with this chair’s design. The easy-to-clean seat is a standout feature that enhances overall maintenance convenience. It ensures that users can keep their chair in pristine condition without hassle. This thoughtful design element contributes to the chair’s overall durability and quality, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable and hassle-free mobility solution.


Back Height17″
Carton Shipping Weight42 lbs
Overall Height35″
Overall Length w/ Riggings43″
Overall Width25.5″ (open) | 10.5″ (closed)
Seat Dimensions18″ (W) x 16″ (D)
Seat To Floor Height19.5″
Seat Width18″
WarrantyLimited Lifetime
Weight37 lbs
Weight Capacity300 lbs



A Final Word

In conclusion, the Drive Medical RTLREB18DDA-SF Rebel Lightweight Wheelchair seamlessly integrates comfort, ease of use, durability, and quality into a remarkable mobility solution. Its customizable seating, supportive design, and smooth maneuverability prioritize user comfort and satisfaction, ensuring an enjoyable and pain-free experience. The chair’s user-friendly features, such as tool-free adjustments and quick-release rear wheels, enhance ease of use for both caregivers and users. With a sturdy steel frame, impressive weight capacity, and high-quality materials, it embodies durability and reliability. The chair’s easy maintenance adds to its long-lasting appeal. Altogether, the Drive Medical Rebel Wheelchair offers a comprehensive and user-centric approach to mobility, making it an excellent choice for those seeking comfort and convenience in their daily lives.

  • Customizable Comfort
  • Durability
  • Ease of Use
  • Maneuverability
  • Sturdy Construction
  • User-Friendly Assembly
  • Narrow Frame
  • Limited Terrain
  • Limited Features
8.7Expert Score

The Drive Medical RTLREB18DDA-SF Rebel offers customizable comfort, easy maneuverability, and user-friendly assembly as its primary strengths. Its sturdy construction and easy maintenance add to its appeal.

Ease of use

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Drive Medical Rebel – TOP 10 Best Sellers Wheelchairs list!
Drive Medical Rebel – TOP 10 Best Sellers Wheelchairs list!
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  1. Good quality and well built. Ability to remove the wheels and adjust the handles are the major beneficial features which are very helpful when putting into the car’s trunk. Bought the Red color and it gives a good look as well. Highly recommend!

  2. for reference, i’m a pretty small guy at 5’8” and 150 lbs. i have a small frame so i was looking for something that wasn’t oversized and bulky. the color is also very fun and nice!

    my only complaint… not very lightweight. i’m sure it may be compared to larger wheelchairs, but we live on the second floor of our apartment and my boyfriend has to carry it down the stairs.

    overall though, i would recommend this wheelchair if you have a smaller build and don’t want something bulky.

  3. I just went through a severe ankle break and was not allowed to put any weight on it for 3 months. So my Dr gave me crutches. Due to having a bad back they were way too difficult especially while wearing a heavy boot. I work in a huge building and couldn’t get that far on them and with crutches you can’t carry stuff or go shopping. This wheel chair saved me!!!! I kept it in my trunk and was able to lift it in and out with ease (with the pedals off) it’s not heavy at all yet they pop right on and off. My 12 year old even lifts it in and out. So up till yesterday I’ve used it to go to work, store and even vacation at the shore. I’m 5′ 3″ and 185 lbs. this is great for on the go. The only issues I could see for someone else is the height. I’m short so anyone taller than 5′ 5″ forget this chair because your too tall for it lol There is no height adjustment. Also I’m not sure about someone who is chubbier than 200lbs. I wouldn’t exactly call this sturdy. I’ve never felt unsafe in it at my size and I’ve used it every day but I fold it up next to my cubical once I get to work. My children have dropped it, banged it, or pushed me extremely fast through parking lots (they think they’re funny) and it held up well. I just think that it’s mostly good for easy transport not long term for someone who is disabled for a long period of time to use in the house and life in general. The other issue I can see is if your having someone push you. If they are tall it will be difficult to push you for long periods of time because the chair is so low. My husband is 6′ 5″ he said it was light and easy to push me but that having to bend down was hard on his back. When I quickly pop the legs off to put it in my truck id say it’s about 35 pounds. It folds up extremely easily. You can pop the handles down easy. Oh one more thing…. When you get it the manual is in the pocket in the back. I thought mine didn’t come with one so
    I put it together with out it lol but I found it later in the back pocket 🙂 hope this hells because it would have helped me. I swear I read every review amazon had on wheel chairs lol

  4. They really like it and have found it quite useful.

  5. I’m 5’5″ at 260lbs. This chair feels great for my body frame. What I love about this chair the most is that it can easily disassemble to fit in a small car for travel. Another plus is that its rated to hold up to 300lbs. It’s fairly simple to put together, disassemble, and put back together. I got it today and I’ll post an update later on how well it holds up.

  6. used for elderly parent .

  7. You can’t beat the price. I’ve had the same chair before. It lasted 8 years.

  8. We needed a sturdy yet economical option. It fits in every doorways and 1 bathroom.
    Nice features-back can fold down, strap across to keep legs in place, easy to maneuver, not to heavy.
    Highly recommend

  9. Found that this went together very easily, majority of chair is assembled. Instructions are easy to follow. No issues with shipment via USPS, retail box inside brown box, perfectly fitted, no slop, well packaged to handle USPS processing.

    Folds easily, foot rests on spring loaded lock clamp, easy to release and either swing out of the way or remove to fit in trunk. Handles for pushing behind back of seat quickly fold down after releasing spring loaded pins on levers that are easy to use, which was needed to fit in trunk (was able to leave wheels on). If wheels need to be removed, again, spring loaded pins with easy to operate quarter sized disc style button to remove and replace.

    No issues with tires as some have mentioned. They are a firm flexible rubber material, that brake levers do adequately sink into to provide locked wheels when needed.

    Wife is going to leave at work and use as desk chair to have mobility at the office until bones have recovered. Very happy with purchase.

  10. I love this chair. My son is Autistic and severe anxiety and has issues with walking. His doctors refused to prescribe a chair for him so I just got this one. Best decision. He had not really left the house in over a year because of meltdowns. Now with the chair he goes out everyday to get fresh air. He walks a bit then he sits. The tires are easy so he can push himself. He is now able to go to his doctors appoints he has been missing. He even got his covid shot. The only this is you have to put grease on the wheels once in a while but other than that its an amazing chair. It folds easily so it can go in the back of my jeep no problem.

  11. Love this chair! I have to add a disclaimer, which is that it is my first wheelchair, and not something I use every day. I had surgery and was in a Skilled Nursing facility for a month using their chair, but needed something once I got home to keep in the car for outings.

    I’m able to use my arms and feet to move around, so navigating this chair on my own is easy. Putting it together could not be simpler. Although it would be heavy to lift with the wheels, each wheel comes off so easily (just a press of a button) that even I can do it barely standing. Loading the chair without the wheels makes it light and simple, while making the chair substantial enough to be comfortable. I’m able to sit in this chair for hours without an issue.

    I had it shipped to me at the Skilled Nursing facility so they could show me anything I needed to know (though I selected it myself by searching on Amazon.) They were really impressed with it – the quality for the price and ease of taking off wheels – and they know wheelchairs.

    Love the red! It’s a perfect chair for me, while I need it and for future needs, and can not think of a single thing lacking for my purposes.

  12. We purchased this for me to use on a trip to Disney world. I am disabled with a rare disease. It was not only comfortable, but it was easy to fold and put in and out of the vehicle.

  13. ..cuz my wheelchair is painted black and red and awesome! I had spinal surgery in June and we had initially purchased a transport chair (all small wheels, the user cannot steer). That was really light and worked out well for traveling, but it was really irritating trying to go anywhere because I felt like I had no control.

    We purchased this one for everyday use, and I love it! I love the colors, and have even gotten compliments from people on the streets on how nice it looks. I got a little cushion to sit on and that makes it even more comfortable. I am 5’5″ and 115 lbs and there is a lot of room for me to shift around. My husband likes it because he doesn’t have to take anything apart or off of it to load it in the car, and he can still push me around, if I need him too. Be warned, it is not light. I am not sure of the exact weight, but we had to switch back to the transport chair when my 60 year old Mom had to take care of me because she couldn’t lift this one. My husband isn’t Thor or anything, , and he can lift it alright.

    My only complaint is, I was a little weak after the surgery and the brakes were difficult for me to lock in place. At first, I thought they didn’t work, but you just really have to crank them over.

    I think it is a great price for a nice chair, even though I hope I don’t have to use it for much longer! I was also able to snap the cup holder from my transport on, so I can enjoy a refreshing beverage while I roll.

  14. Love the style. I am 5’7 and 250 lbs (shhhh let’s keep that our little secret) and it fits perfectly and I am comfortable in it. I needed it due to walking and balance issues. The arm rests are removable and for me at a perfect height and their is a pocket on the back of the seat. There is also nice size handles on each side of the seat to easily fold – I love that. When sitting you do not feel the handles at all. But it did shock me when we pulled it out of the box and had to put it together … lol. I previously bought wheelchairs and they normally come fully assembled. However putting it together is actually very easy. The wheels simply push into the axle and can be easily removed by pushing the button and pulling if off so that is a nice feature especially for smaller cars.The smaller wheels were a simple push and click which does have two levels for height. The footrests you need to hold back the silver clip then slide the holes over the nubs and then swing into place and release the silver clip to lock into place. The foot rest also has numerous levels for adjusting the height of the foot rests – beautiful. My son who is 5’11 sat it it and he was very comfortable he also weight about 250. So I worried over nothing … lol. Well worth every penny and I enjoy it greatly. Also due to spine issues I did need to get a cushion the cushion I got was Cush Comfort Non-Slip Memory Foam Seat Cushion – Spinal Alignment Chair Pad for Relief from Sitting Back Pain Just fyi for those who need one but it was comfortable without it but for me sitting a long time in it would make my pain worse which would happen with any wheelchair. Enjoy … highly recommended.

  15. My need for a good quality wheelchair and at an affordable price point was found with this chair. With features such as, removable wheels at the touch of a button, fold down rear handles makes this chair a breeze to transport. The high gloss paint scheme separating it from the other chairs was a bonus. As with any purchase made online, I was skeptical of the quality until it arrived. Comfortable, durable, stable, well balanced and sturdy, I am well pleased with my purchase of the Drive Medical lightweight wheelchair. Since it has only a standard back stops, I would however like to see as an optional purchase “wheelie bars.”

    For installing or removing the armrests for the first few times I would recommend;
    Installing the armrests; the user insert the rear posts first (or vice -versa, depending on if you want the arm rest pads facing forward or back) and then with a quick and forceful motion pop the front – rear posts in.
    When removing the armrests; push down on the front – rear of the armrest to relieve the spring pressure off the push button and then remove.

    It helps if you spray a little lube like WD-40, and after a few times doing this break-in procedure the tension on the spring buttons begin to relax. Ill try to post a video soon.

  16. I needed a new wheelchair and was looking for one I could get in and out of my car alone. This one work great and looks so nice! Comfortable to sit in without an added cushion and so easy to self-propel. Very pleased.

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